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    Short-timer Tillerson?

    Calling the president of your country a “f**king moron” will cause quite a stir no matter the country or the president. This is exactly what happened when Rex Tillerson called the president of the United States a “f**king moron”, to use Tillerson’s words, at a Pentagon meeting.
    NBC News reported that Veep Mike Pence had to talk Tillerson out of quitting his job after President Trump kneecapped him several times in his twitter posts. Tillerson denied that Veep Mike Pence convinced him to remain at his post and said he loves his job. Rex Tillerson decided to hold a press conference where he once again declared his love for his job as Secretary of state. Tillerson announced from the podium that his commitment to the success of U.S. President Trump and the country is as strong as it was the day that he accepted Trumps offer to serve as Secretary of state.

    Tillerson v Trump

    Tillerson Fight with Trump

    Despite his efforts to patch things up with President Trump, it is still believed that Tillerson will be a “short-timer”.
    It is widely known that Tillerson did not want to accept Trumps offer to serve as Secretary of state. Tillerson’s wife convinced him that it is the job that he is meant to do.
    Tillerson has been very uncomfortable with the West Wing chain of command. Tillerson has reportedly made PowerPoint presentations without any notice and is known to “table drop” his proposals at meetings.
    Over the past few months, there have been rumors of disloyalty. In private meetings, Trump was irked by Tillerson’s argument that there should be a more traditional approach on policies. Trump has seen these arguments as arrogance from an employee. Trump believes that Tillerson is more concerned with what the world thinks about the United States and shows little interest in tending to the president’s personal image.
    Tillerson once ran one of the world’s largest corporations with an iron fist, but now he seems to struggle to submit to an “impulsive boss”.
    Tension rose over the past weeks as Tillerson and his allies clashed with White house over matters small and big. From the direction of the United States policy in Afghanistan to Tillerson’s alleged neglect in returning phone calls.
    Tillerson has ended up on the losing side of many policy discussions. Those familiar with the White House views say that the U.S. President resents Tillerson for the debates that he had indeed won, especially the recent decision to add U.S. forces to the undetermined 16-year war in Afghanistan.
    It is very common for people with the same goals to have different ideas on how to approach a situation, these ideas can lead to conflict within the participating parties. Conflict within the ruling system of a country could cause weakness in the system and could lead to a bigger internal and conflict. It will be up to Tillerson to decide, will he be a short-timer or will he submit and to President Trump?

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